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Day 1   Friday 24th  November

  Fittings  & Official Launch

   Opening 1st show on La Digue island TBC

Day 2,  Saturday 25th November

   Opening 2nd show on Praslin island (Exhibition on Mahe & Praslin) TBC

Day  3 to 5,   Sunday 26th November to 30th November  

   Fittings, workshop, Business forum, exhibition at Eden island TBC

Day 6,   Friday 1st December 

   Opening 3rd show Eden island  TBC

Day 7,   Saturday 2nd December  

Haute Couture Show – Eden island TBC

After Party TBC

 Covered by International Media, Bloggers, and attended by buyers.   We expect a significant local  &     international audience   Seychelles Fashion Trade Exhibition.  Seychelles Fashion Week After Party  (limited to  invitees only) 

 Photography & filming of the event will be done,  establishing footage for   archival content  purposes.

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