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Infinito Village Seychelles

Seychelles is now part of the INFINITO Village Network and the setup of

is completed, which will provide the opportunity, for the development of the Fashion Industry in Seychelles. I would like to invite all in the industry to join the group.

"INFINITO Village International"

Who we’re

From the synergy between Italian and international entrepreneurial realities (we have as a strategic partner one of the most important world media companies : "Ryoulive") and from the visionary and creative figure of Captain Silvano Scavella, the network project "INFINITO Village International" is born. A large and free virtual and conceptual promotion platform, where people from all over the world active in the field of fashion, design and culture are invited to connect and dialogue freely between virtuality and reality, on the themes of fashion, culture, sustainability, ethics, and territoriality.

INFINITO Village International is a trend and research reference point to discover the creative ferment of new makers on the international scene, it is a platform that offers visibility to all the hidden and unknown brilliant minds and is a network of brands and projects destined to become successful cases.

Our multi-ethnic and multi-racial spirit allows us to surround ourselves with professionals and friends from all over the world who share with us the interest and desire to get involved. Our communication network is constantly expanding but the current focus is on African countries where our presence and our brilliant communication become significant and engaging day after day.

What we wish to do

An important commitment in line with the new national project "Contact for Seychelles" that we wish to undertake and manage with the close collaboration of an fashion Association, or a Fashion Company or a private professional who operate within national fashion system and who has currently interest to cover the role of national fiduciary representative of our Brand system and who, at the end of a period of mutual better understanding and thorough knowledge, will be officially appointed our "Brand Ambassador". A project through which we wish to offer our contribution to the development, to best visibility, to more appropriate promotion and to the growth of your Country's fashion system through our social networks and to study together the most appropriate ways for to develop a future commercial exchange adapted to the new needs of globalization.

Through the creation of its own international nodal network, INFINITO Village International will become a system dedicated to emerging creativity that generates ideas and prospects for comparison, a virtual meeting place where it is possible to get to know and get in touch new fashion designers, creative, fashion photographers, Fashion Week, National Fashion Council, fashion Company and with many new people, and new opportunities. Through its own nodal platform, INFINITO Village International tells about new stylists, of Fashion Companies, of new trends and new products, of sustainability and about ancient processing, of creations that are attentive to sustainability, recycling and the use of alternative materials.

Our mission for immediate future

We want to be an example of what networking means because we believe that only the synergy between professionals and those who share vision and mission can concretely help the promotion of talent and the development of the fashion and related arts sector. We want to create new stimuli by encouraging teamwork and dialogue with hundreds of professionals and friends around the world, as well as we will allocate experiences, cutting-edge communications and resources to the marketing of the many excellent creations that we have the opportunity and pleasure to know, to show and to appreciate every day on our Network.

Realities like INFINITO Village International have the task of offering the necessary visibility to fashion designers, creative, artists and companies to take flight, to them, the duty to believe in themselves and commit all energy to make their dreams come true.

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